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This is a listing of equipment that I've personally used or have researched and come highly recommended by other voiceover artists. Please make sure to make informed purchases for your personal situation. All opinions are my own and I make no warranty or claims outside of that. 

As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Not all links on the page are Amazon links!


These are beginner-level USB mics to entry-level professional mics. Microphones can cost tens of thousands of dollars. I watched a lot of Booth Junkie YouTube videos and found Mike immensely helpful. The most important thing is that the mic sounds good with your voice. 

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Beginner mic- I used this for about 6 months when I first started doing VOs and was really happy with it. 

Neumann TLM-102

Entry-level pro mic- This is my current mic. Neumann is a storied and legendary brand. 

I have been really happy with it. I found mine used on Reverb

Audio Technical AT2020 USB+

Beginner mic- This mic is often recommended for beginners by other VO artists. 


Beginner-level mic- Not as highly recommended as the NT1-A but this is a USB mic and Rode is an excellent brand. 

Rode NT1-A

Entry-level pro mic- Always recommended for entry-level pro mic. This set is a steal. 


An audio interface is what allows a non-USB mic to connect to your computer and DAW, audio recording software.

MOTU M2 Audio Interface

I currently use this and I love it. This is to connect non-USB mics directly to your computer. 

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen

I had the Scarlett Solo and hated it so much I returned it. But I've heard nothing but praise from every VO artist about the 2i2.  

PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 2x2

I almost bought this one. Entry-level audio interface from a reputable brand.


2" Acoustic Foam with Adhesive

Even though my closet is 3'x4', I still needed a lot of foam. I used double-sided tape. 

Mic Arm & Shock Mount Set

I recommend not using the stand that comes with the Blue Yeti. You don't want to pick up reverberation from the table/desk. 

Clip-On Lamp

I have limited space on my desk and this lamp is great. Multiple brightness levels and warm/cold hue options. 

Pop Filter

Helps your mic prevent/lesson unwanted mouth noise. 

Foam Interlocking Floor

I use these on my wood floor instead of a rug. I had one but it moved too much. 

Mic Stand w/ Isolation Shield

I used this until I was able to build a built-in desk. I've also used a Kaotica Eyeball for noise reduction. 


MacBook Air M1

This Mac does not have a fan which allows me to record for hours without having to stop to allow the fan to run. You can also get it directly from Apple. I highly recommend upgrading the RAM. 

DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

This is what I use to record for TikTok and self-tape auditions. It holds your phone and stabilizes the picture, allows hands free, etc. 

Gimbal Shoe

Mount Extension

This allows you to add a mic and light to your gimbal. 

External Mic

A better mic that plugs into your phone. Don't forget the adapter dongle if you have an iPhone. 

External Light

I got the non-rechargeable version and I regret it. Get the rechargeable!

LED Dimmable Ring Light

USB plug. Dimmable, warm/cold hue options. The clip is a lifesaver. I would NOT clip it to my computer. 

Two Portable Background Stands

I use this for my collapsable background and my light. 

Godox Portable Light

This gives great light without massive shadows. I clicked the "other buying options" to purchase via Adorama. 

Collapsible Background

I searched for a non-black background specifically because of my very dark hair. 


You need software to interface with your mic and computer. This is called a DAW (Digital Audio Workspace).

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 2.49.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 2.55.29 PM.png


Free, open source, cross-platform audio software. Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.


I used this exclusively until this year. Tons of plug-ins and support available. I'd recommend this to beginners. 


TwistedWave is a very powerful and yet very easy to use audio editor.


I really love how simple this DAW is to use. Nothing complicated, I hit record and that's it.

***Only for Mac and iOS.***

Costs $99. Offers a free trial! 

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